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Report from the Legislature

March 28, 2019

Report from the Legislature
March 28, 2019
Members of the Legislative Assembly have been debating the 2019-20 Provincial
Budget – a responsible and sustainable plan to balance the budget this year, and in the
years to come. The debate, however, brought forward some questionable remarks from
the NDP's newest MLA who defended the former government's closure of 176 schools
and 52 hospitals by saying "maybe those places should have been closed". He even
suggested that our protective services "don't prevent crime", they only respond to it.
While these comments are completely out of touch with Saskatchewan, perhaps they
shouldn't come as a surprise from the same group of people who have supported the
Trudeau carbon tax from the very beginning. Your Saskatchewan Party MLAs are
fighting the federal carbon tax and standing up for Saskatchewan by putting forward and
passing a budget that strikes the right balance between keeping taxes low and providing
quality services for our children, families, and seniors; important investments in urban
and rural Saskatchewan; and for building our economy and creating jobs.
One of the highlights in this year's budget is our commitment to improving mental health
services across the province. Funding for targeted mental health and addictions
initiatives increases by nearly $30 million, representing the largest ever commitment to
mental health services in Saskatchewan.
Another highlight is a $100,000 commitment to Legions and ANAVETS branches across
Saskatchewan to assist the important work of supporting veterans and honouring the
memory of our fallen heroes. Details on the program and application process are being
finalized with guidelines to be announced later this spring.
The new provincial budget is the right balance to keep our province growing and our
economy strong. I encourage you to visit saskatchewan.ca/budget to learn more about
our balanced budget with no new taxes or tax increases; a budget that invests in health
care, seniors, students and classrooms, and vulnerable families; a budget that's
focused on safety and investments in infrastructure; and a budget that strikes the right
balance for Saskatchewan.
The Government of Saskatchewan appreciates the commitment and sacrifices of
Canadian Armed Forces veterans and will be offering hunting and angling licences at no
cost to recognize their contributions. The new initiative applies to veterans who were
honourably discharged from the Armed Forces and is available to Saskatchewan and
Canadian resident veterans. More information on this opportunity, including eligibility
requirements and how to apply, can be found at saskatchewan.ca or by calling the
Ministry of Environment Inquiry Centre at 1-800-567-4224.
Melting snow and rising temperatures give us reason to believe we've put a long and
cold winter behind us. It also means it's time to start planning for recreation and
relaxation in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks. Campsite reservations for the 2019

season begin Tuesday, April 2 at 7:00 a.m. with seasonal bookings. Reservations open
at 7:00 a.m. on April 4 for group camping sites, and April 8 to 18 for nightly sites.
Due to high demand for these sites, a queuing system will be used to ensure a fair
process. For a smooth booking process, campers are urged to create a new account
and become familiar with the new system prior to reservations opening. All reservation
information, including tutorials for creating a new account, are available at
saskparks.com by clicking "Important 2019 Camping and Reservation Info".

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