Report from the Legislature

September 7, 2017

Report from the Legislature
September 7, 2017
From early learning and Pre-K to K-12 and post-secondary, students of all ages from rural
communities to Saskatchewan's cities are returning to school this week.
Parents, teachers and bus drivers, counselors, EAs and admin, school support and maintenance staff
are working together to ensure they receive a high-quality education.
The start of a new school year can be an exciting time for all students and staff but it's particularly
exciting for those who are now spending their days in brand-new learning environments.
Thousands of students and staff are settling in at 21 new schools across the province, including
eighteen schools on nine joint-use sites in Regina, Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.
With a growing population and aging facilities, we are responding to the need for new and
replacement schools by investing $1.5 billion in new capital projects.
This means:
 40 new schools
 25 major renovations; and
 repairs and renos to more than half of all schools in the province.
During Saskatchewan's decade of growth, student enrolment increased by 10 per cent with the
operating funding provided to school divisions increased by 32 per cent.
Our government has also hired 875 new teachers, an increase of 10 per cent.
Education continues to be a priority for our government.
Our vision for Saskatchewan is to be the best place in Canada to get an education, live, work, raise a
family and build a life. The Ministry of Education works alongside all other government ministries and
agencies towards this objective. It is committed to improving the learning success and well-being of all
children and youth, and the enhancement of literacy for all Saskatchewan people.
Early Years Learning is an important focus for the education system. Making sure all children get a
good start not only leads to a better quality of life for Saskatchewan people, it reduces the risk of
poverty and improves school readiness, health and wellness.
Our government has added 6,000 new daycare spaces, an increase of 62 per cent. This year's budget
includes funding for 889 new child care spaces. The majority of these spaces are included in the new
schools in some of Saskatchewan's fastest-growing communities.
Students at all levels of learning are excited for the new school year. Please remember to obey the
posted speed limit and be extra careful when approaching and driving through school zones – watch
for crosswalks and school crossing guards as well as school buses that are loading and unloading
To all parents, educators and support staff, thank you for all you do. Best wishes for a successful year
of growth and learning!

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